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PGE FAQ’s for Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit

Q. What is the PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking App?
 A. The PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking App is a service that enables you to access your account information and transfer funds from an Android & iPhone device with Internet access.

Q. How does the PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile App work?
A. First, you must have an online banking username and password.  Next, download our FREE Mobile App from the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace.  
Once you download the App, you will log in with the same member number/user ID and password that you use for online banking. No separate or different registration is required.
Once logged in, you can:
• Access Your Accounts – view account balances and account history
• Make Transfers – you must have more than one account on online banking for this functionality to be available in mobile banking
• Make Deposits
• Pay Bills - schedule bill payments to already established payees
• Find a PGE ATM

Q. Is the PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile App currently available to all users?
A. The Mobile App is currently available to all online banking users who own an iPhone, Android phone or IPad.

Q. Is it safe to bank using the PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile App service?
A. Yes. To protect your privacy, you are required to authenticate yourself on each individual mobile device using the same information from online banking. All communication between your mobile device and the mobile banking server is encrypted. In addition, your password and account information are never stored on the mobile device.

Q. Is a password needed for the Mobile App?
A. Yes, you will use the same password as your online banking.

Q. Will I have to authenticate each device I use?
A. Yes, you will have to individually authenticate each device that uses the mobile app.

Q. What happens if my mobile device is stolen or lost?
A. Log onto your online banking account and deactivate the number affiliated with your device.

Q. Are different kinds of funds transfers available?
A. You may transfer funds from one account number to a different account or within the same account number.

Q. Can I pay bills using the Mobile App?
A. Yes, you can schedule bill payments to already established payees. New payees must be set up through the full online banking service.

Q. Can I make a deposit through the mobile app?
A. Yes

Q. How do I log out?
A. When you’re ready to log out, select the Log Out button on your device and you will exit the PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile App. This will return you to the Login screen.

Mobile Deposit

What is a Mobile Deposit?
PGE Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit is a secure service that allows you to deposit checks into eligible PGE Credit Union accounts from a remote location. A check can be photographed with the camera feature on a smartphone device. Then the images and associated deposit information are delivered to PGE Credit Union electronically. This convenient 24/7 service helps save time by eliminating the wait you might encounter at an ATM or branch.

How do I enroll in Mobile Deposit?
If you already have Mobile Banking, then you are already enrolled in Mobile Deposit.

How does Mobile Deposit work?
With Mobile Deposit, you can safely deposit checks from home, work, or anywhere else you have access to an AndroidTM or iPhone® device with a camera.
1. Open the PGE app. on your AndroidTM or iPhone®.
2. Select the "Deposits" feature on the menu page.
3. Select the account you wish to deposit funds to and enter the deposit amount of the check.
4. Take pictures of the front and back of the check. Make sure the back of the check is endorsed with the signature of the payee and "Mobile Deposit Only PGE Credit Union."
5. Review and approve the images of the check.
6. Submit the images for deposit.
Is my financial information safe with Mobile Deposit?
YES! The Mobile Deposit service is offered through Mobile Banking which requires you to provide a unique password each time you log in. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, be sure to log out of Mobile Banking once your account activities have been completed.

Endorsement Requirements?
On the back of the check, sign your name as indicated on the Pay to the Order of line and print under your signature “Mobile Deposit Only PGE Credit Union” on all items.  PGE reserves the right to reject all items that are not endorsed as specified.

When will deposited funds be available in my account?

You will only receive a Deposit Approval Notification on a business day. 
To see if your deposit has been approved, open the “Deposits Tab” found in Mobile Banking.
If you receive a Deposit Approval Notification:
•    Up to $225 of the check will be available two business days after notification of acceptance;
•    Remaining balance will be available three business days after notification of acceptance.
NOTE…Deposits made after 2:30 PM will be considered as a next business day deposit.

If you deposit a $1,500 check through Mobile Deposit before 2:30 pm EST on Monday and receive deposit approval on Monday, $200 of the deposit will be available on Wednesday. The entire deposit of $1,500 will be available on Thursday (three business days after the approval).

What are the deposit and transaction limits?
Personal accounts have a 5 check per business day limit and an aggregate limit of $3,000.00 per business day deposit limit.

What types of checks can be deposited with Mobile Deposit?
PGE Credit Union accepts any check of which is defined as a negotiable demand draft drawn on or payable through or at an office of a bank. This includes:
•    Personal checks
•    Corporate/business checks
•    Cashier's checks
•    Government checks

What types of checks CANNOT be deposited with Mobile Deposit?
The following items are not eligible for Mobile Deposit:
•    Checks or items payable to any person or entity other than you
•    Post-dated checks
•    Checks or items containing an obvious alteration to any of the fields on the front, or checks or items which you know, suspect, or should know or suspect to be fraudulent
•    Checks written from any account of which you are a primary or joint owner at PGE Credit Union
•    Checks or items not payable in United States currency
•    Items drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States
•    Items previously converted to a substitute check
•    Consumer loans, credit card, and mortgage payments
•    IRA and Share Certificate deposits
•    Money orders and travelers checks
•    Starter or counter checks
•    Amex Gift Cheques
•    Savings bonds
•    State-issued registered warrants
•    Checks from another financial institution to a closed account

How long should I retain my original check? What happens if I discard the check and an issue arises?
For your protection, retain the original check for at least twenty business days AFTER receiving confirmation that it has posted to your account. When you are ready to discard it, mark it "VOID" and dispose of it in a way that prevents it from being presented for payment again. If an issue should arise and the original check is no longer available, please contact the issuer of the check to obtain a new copy that can be re-submitted for deposit.
What should I do if I need help using Mobile Deposit?
The Mobile Deposit service is designed to be a user-friendly, self-service product. If you still have questions after trying to make a deposit, speak with one of our Member Service Representatives at 401-421-2436.

What steps should I take if my Mobile Deposit is declined?
If your deposit item is declined, it will show on your mobile device as declined. You can call our Member Service Representatives 401-421-2436 to find out why.  Reasons that a deposited item may be declined include:
•    Ineligible check
•    Non-negotiable
•    Missing signature
•    Missing endorsement
•    Stale dated
•    Post-dated   
•    Duplicate check
•    Poor image quality
•    Daily deposit dollar amount exceeded
•    Unacceptable item
•    Other




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